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Re: Status on Proposal for restricted packages

>>"John" == John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

 John> Raul Miller writes:
 >> What would the maintainer tag it with on your scheme?

 John> It would have been tagged 'us-any'.

	You would then be wrong. It can't be exprted to France either,
 the way I am given to understand these thisngs). It may also be
 illegal in Russia. And possibly several other countries.

	This requires knowledge of US laws (I have never studied law,
 far less US law, so this is merely an educated guess were I the
 developer -- and I suspect would be for any developer handling the
 package, espescially since they presumably do not live in the US)

	Being people conversant with software, I would find it easier
 to determine if it uses GIFS and has crypto stuff in it. Given a list
 of things to search for, whic may have relevance on restrictions, I
 can do so farly confidently -- after all, software is my area of
 expertize. International law is not. I would suspect that few, if not
 none, of the developers really specialize in international law.

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