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Re: Draft new DFSG

Manoj Srivastava writes:

>	I disagree. I think it is imperative that we decide what we
> consider to be free. Every one else can, as well. What matters it if
> there are a plethora of converging definitions?

IMO one of the major *powers* of Debian is that we have only *loosely*
decide what is "free" since the only real concern we have is to know what
we can distribute in the official cd-rom/ftp archive without preventing
others from redistributing/selling what is actually *on* that cd-rom/ftp

This should be our concern: to make the Debian distribution available as it
*is*, so that as many people as possible get a good working operating
system with sources that they can use as they please.

IMO adding yet another definition of "free" or "open" or whatever to the
ones already out there does not serve a real purpose, and does not help
Debian with what is important: give away and sell a stable operating system
and utility collection that is both as complete as we can make it, more
stable than any other distribution, and easier to maintain.

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