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monitorless bird?

Whelp, as many of you know I moved to northern California a few months ago. 
When I moved I had to leave behind the monitor for my computer.  When I got
here I borrowed one from a friend, but he needs it back and soon.

So, this means I might soon be without a functional box unless I can find a
replacement soon.  Any 14" SVGA monitor will work for now, even the cheap
Packard Bell types, but I have an extreme shortage of spare funds to use on
a short term solution.  (The long term solution is to save up for a monitor
I can effectively use at 1024x768--about 21" if I use a 10x20 font in

Suggestions would be REAL helpful, me without a computer is a scarey thing. 
I live in Modesto if that matters at all.  That puts me about 2 hours out of
the bay area.  I really only have the weekend to find something because he
needs to get it back Tuesday.

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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