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Re: XFree86-3.3.3 has been released

On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 03:01:49PM +0100, Bart Schuller wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 02:41:29PM +0100, joost@pc47.mpn.cp.philips.com wrote:
> > The new code seems mostly limited to new servers for new chipsets.  That
> > means that it's either relatively new code or no code.  If I had a cutting
> > edge videocard, I'd happily go with the new, supposedly experimental, code
> > rather than have no server at all.  If possible bugs in the new code are a
> Fully agreed.
> I have been suffering from needles upgrade problems with every X package
> because the Suse server uses /etc/XF86Config and the Debian setup views

A simple symlink will deal with that!

> that as an error. I've had my FireGL 1000 Pro for more than half a year,
> all that time without proper Debian support.

I've got the same card.  But you're forgetting a larger problem with the
SuSE drivers: they support only the platform that SuSE runs on, namely,
i386.  Debian runs on Alpha, (Ultra)Sparc, m68k, PowerPC, ARM, etc.  The
i386-only SuSE drivers are useless for all these people.  Fortunately, the
manufacturer of my computer was kind enough to include a Metro-X for Alpha
license for free, but it's got a couple of bothersome bugs.

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