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List Creation Request - debian-legal (was Re: Must the entire GPL be included?)

--On Wed, Nov 25, 1998 10:59 pm -0800 "David Welton" <davidw@gate.cks.com>

> Could we *please* get a debian-legal mailing list and/or team?  Maybe
> they could debate these issues and create a report detailing 1 their
> findings, or 2 things they need further help in resolving.  There has
> been a lot of traffic on devel lately regarding these issues.  They
> are certainly very important, but are they 'devel'?  

I formally (ish) suggested this about a month ago.

There were no objections - the only responses to the thread, which was
called 'Proposed (again) debian-legal' were supportive.

The charter of the group should be something like:

debian-legal is intended for discussions of legal issues affecting Debian. 
This will include discussion of whether certain licenses are DFSG-free,
non-free or non-US, as well as patent issues, and trademark issues.

The group should be open subscription, and be archived in the usual place.

Listmasters, please create this list.



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