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Unidentified subject!


What do you think about switching from Mbox to Maildir in Debian?
Maildir is Qmail's format of mailboxes which is far more reliable
than traditional mbox and need not any locking.  It is supported
by mutt, and patch for procmail exists, so it can be used even
without Qmail (which is very good thing, I can't live without it,
but its licence does not permit distribution of modified binaries :( )
If we switch, we would not need setgid-mail MUAs and would not
have corrupted mailboxes when

Maybe freeze time is not good time for such suggestions,
but anyway unstable exists...

Best wishes!
Ilya Ovchinnikov       -------------------------------------
                          Internet Service and Information
                          Providing Center of Pushchino 
 e-mail: ilya@psn.ru      Research Center of RAS
 phone: +7(0967)73-90-03  Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia.

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