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libc6 2.07u vs. MTAs

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

 : On 23 Nov 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
 : > >>>>> "Jaldhar" == Jaldhar H Vyas <jaldhar@braincells.com> writes:
 : > 
 : >     Jaldhar> Hold on a minute.  doing a dpkg -l libc6 on master gives
 : >     Jaldhar> 2.07u.  Shouldn't that be 2.07t?  I don't think master is
 : >     Jaldhar> hamm anymore.
 : > 
 : > Who did this? If this is so, master is pretty much useless for building
 : > packages..
 : I don't know, but I'm very upset about it and have just undone it. For the
 : record this also royally messed up qmail. Let me know if anything else is
 : non-hamm, also try va.debian.org.

Does 2.07u screw up the other MTAs also?  I've had some weird
exim/sendmail interaction but was able to work around it, to some

If 2.07u DOES mess with MTAs then I will sleep much better tonight :)

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