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Re: checking the release-critical bugs

"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:
> On 22 Nov 1998, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Instead of just pointing this out YET AGAIN, are you willing to put
> : some actual work into making this happen?  I.e., getting initrd :
> support on boot-floppies in the *next week or two* ?

> Relax.

Sorry, I'm stressing a bit since I started working on the Install

>  All that most people are asking for is a rescue disk with a
> zImage kernel, possibly at the expense of less SCSI drivers compiled
> into the kernel.  After all, how many laptops have DPT RAID
> controllers?  (I realise that there are non-laptop systems that need
> zImage, but let's be realistic - *most* systems that need zImage are
> laptops).

Yes, the scsi-less zImage "laptop" flavor sounds like a good idea to
me.  I hope the boot-floppy team can work it in.  I don't know what
else was different in the tecra flavor other than the kernel and
whether this flavor can safely replace it.  It's clearly a matter of
some urgency since we need at least 3 weeks of testing on the
finalized boot floppies prior to release...

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