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Re: glibc recompiling was Re: libc resolver problem solved (critical bug)

On Sun, 22 Nov 1998, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

> On 22 Nov 1998, Guy Maor wrote:
> > Oops, how silly of me.  You'll have to enumerate all four versions,
> > Dale.  And 1.4.1 is in unstable.  A simpler alternative might be:
> > Conflicts: dpkg (<=, dpkg (=1.4.1)
> > 
> > Versions prior to will work with a v libc6, but that requires
> > three more conflicts entries.
> Conflicting with the bo dpkg's (which is what dpkg <= will do)
> is insanely dangerous. It means that you can't upgrade from bo as you will
> need to install libc6 dpkg before you install libc6!
> He must enumerate all four versions, it is the only solution.

I agree. I only needed to know what the version numbers were.

Thanks...I think ;-)

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