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Re: Qt Freed!

Hi Raul, 

On Thu, Nov 19, 1998 at 03:04:47PM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> Sure, but the patch is also a derived work.
> I don't think they've thought through the implications of this, yet: You
> can introduce sufficient patches to incorporate the entire functional
> body of Qt's source in the patch, and distribute the patch under the
> license mandated by this license.
> At this point, anyone else can do whatever they want with that patch.

Cool Idea! What about this:

cp -a qt-2.0 qtsource
for i in `find -type f qtsource`; do
diff -c qt-2.0 qtsource >some_patch


This is a patch which truncates all files in the qt-source or, applied
reversely, generates the original sources...

> This is a loophole even bigger than where they grant permission to
> distribute apps under the terms of the GPL.


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