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Re: Intent to package Moscow ML

Hi Sven!

On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 01:56:40PM +0100, luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr wrote:
> since ocaml (and i suppose caml-light also) have a license that is almost
> debian-friendly, the only problem is that they don't allow for binary
> distribution of modified work, and thus it is not really possible to make
> debian package out of it (altough the authors don't consider debianizing as a
> modification of the work). What is the license of Moscow  ML ? since it is a
> derivative, it should be similar to ocaml.

It uses the CAML-Light license. I did not find that binary distribution is not
allowed... Perhaps ocaml "enhanced" the copyright somewhat?

I will look through the copyright again.

> beside that ocaml is a ML dialect that has decided to continue to evolve when
> the SML standard was set, and thus is a bit more evolued.

I guess you are right but Moscow ML is easier to start with.


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