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Re: Qt and other

>>"Joseph" == Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> writes:

 Joseph> Redhat's source packages have advantages over Debian's?  What
 Joseph> the HELL have you been smoking?  Debian's source packages are
 Joseph> pristine upstream tarball, easily viewable diff file, and a
 Joseph> PGP signed md5sum file telling you what the package does!

	Actually, it would be nice if we had 
 a) Source dependencies (The packages that have to be installed on a
    system in order to build a package from sources)
 b) A Pristine upstream source, followed by a set of pristine upstream
    patches and the order that they be applied in, optionally with
    scripts run intermingled with the patches to correct/massage the
    sources. The Debian diff would be just one of the patches applied
    (allowing one to merge in several patches maintained separately
    upstream). (I could really use that with DCE packages ;-)
 c) Allow each of the patches and upstream files to be individually

	I am given to understand that the new red hat source format
 allows all this.

	I would like to ultimately have a tool that can take a debian
 source format and generate a spec file from it and one that can take
 a spec file and create a (rudimentary) Debian package via some kind
 of translation mechanism.

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