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Re: debian binary diff system ?! script.


here is the new version of the diff generating script.... the last script had
countless bugs which I hadn't seen and which unfortunately made the diffs
smaller than they would be. it should work quite well now. the modes of the new
files are applied on the diff files, so we can keep all modes.

what should we do with the owners? are they important? if they are, the script
has either to be used as root (which the a ftpsite probably wouldnt like) or
we save the ownerships in a separate file and apply them again when the package
gets installed... both is not very nice. ideas?

fortunately xdelta knows how to handle gzip-files... the system to see if two
files are identical (even if one is gzipped) is not very good... any ideas?

if this script works ok, I guess we can think of how to work out a system to
install the diffs on a running system....... I guess we either have to do a
work-around to install the packages directly or we have to find a method on how
to use dpkg... of course we could rebuild the new package by taking the already
installed files on the disk, apply the diffs and use dpkg to install it again,
but this would take ages. or maybe using dpkg-repack?.... anyone a good idea how
to do it?

On Don, 19 Nov 1998 Tom Lees wrote:
>> > know the set of packages you tested it on that got 40%?
>> sed_2.05-22.deb (26828 b) -> sed_3.02-1.deb (64530 b) -> diff (26828 b)
>> grep_2.1-8.deb (60070 b) -> grep_2.2-1.deb (61352 b) -> diff (31352 b)
unfortunately that isnt right anymore.... the sed-diff is now: 58280 and the
grep-diff is: 32630

we should try to test packages which are not so different in their versions.
e.g. grep_2.2-1.deb to grep_2.2-2.deb...... then the results we get would
be more realistic and probably much more impressing than these here.  (at least
thats what I hope.... ;) )

>Here are some more results, using that script:-
could you test the packages against the new script again?


Kai Duebbert

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