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Re: checking the release-critical bugs

Previously Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> boot-floppies_2.1.0 use the kernel from kernel-image-2.0.35_2.0.35-2.deb
> That kernel uses aic7xxx 5.1.0. IMHO, the proper way to fix this bug is
> building a new kernel-image*.deb using aic7xxx 5.1.2, and rebuilding the
> boot-floppies using that kernel package.

Getting proper adaptec support on the boot-floppies is really important
imho. I've been bitten way too many times by non-functional drivers.

I think Brian will allow a 2.0.36 package in slink. We really need it
anyway. since it fixes lots of security issues (no, I won't elaborate
on that) in the kernel and fixes lots of bugs in drivers.


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