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checking the release-critical bugs

Wichert Akkerman writes:
 > I propose the following bugs should not be marked as release-critical:
 > 29480 aic7xxx 5.1.0 breaks AIC-7880 support...
 >  Why: we don't use 2.0.35 for the bootdisks, so in general this should not

No, please upgrade to aic7xxx 5.1.2 or apply the patch to the
boot. There are now so many new motherboards with this chipset, so it
would be a pain if Debian cannot install on all these machines.
_And_ make sure, that the bootfloppies use this kernel as well (or a
patched 2.0.34).

 > 28245 shellutils printf doesn't check write errors
 >  Why: this behaviour has been there for ages. It should indeed be fixed but
 >       should not be release-critical imho.

I prepared a NMU for shellutils (master.debian.org:~doko), but this
one isn't fixed yet. Could somebody comment on #27425?

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