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Re: checking the release-critical bugs

At 19:56 -0500 1998-11-18, Zephaniah E, Hull wrote:
On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 05:16:21PM +0100, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

I propose the following bugs should not be marked as release-critical:

29480 aic7xxx 5.1.0 breaks AIC-7880 support...
 Why: we don't use 2.0.35 for the bootdisks, so in general this should not

So your saying that we currently don't use this package for anything?

We really should be using 2.0.36 now. This should be allowed into slink as an exception.

29454 libtricks does not support lchown+alpha fix
 Why: alpha is not being officialy released, only a `developers
 release' is done

As long as it does not hurt something which we are releasing I agree
with you on this one..

But alpha *is* freezing.

28245 shellutils printf doesn't check write errors
 Why: this behaviour has been there for ages. It should indeed be fixed but
      should not be release-critical imho.

Mmm, thats a tough one, does broken for a long time mean it can stay
broken for a while longer? I tend to say no...

28248 sed doesn't check write errors
 Why: same as 28245
28249 mawk doesn't check write errors
 Why: same as 28245

Granted my opinion does not mean much, however another view can never
really hurt...

I thought the concensus in those cases is that the "bugs" were bogus.
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