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glibc recompiling was Re: libc resolver problem solved (critical bug)

There are actually several threads covering this problem from different

The two major problems are __register_frame_info and building with egcs.

I have applied Zack Weinberg's patch for __register_frame_info and rebuild
glibc using gcc

I'm currently running this version with few problems. I had built XCircuit
with 2.0.7u-5, and it, of course failed to load because the
__register_frame_info it wanted to find in libm was no longer there.
Re-compiling XCircuit with the new libraries fixes everything.

As I understand the problem, it is the compiler's responsibility to
resolve this symbol at compile time (using its own libraries), but the
"broken" version of glibc mistakenly provided the symbol in libm,
providing the symbol there, creating binaries that would not run on
"properly" configured systems.

My inclination is to "move along" to the new libraries ASAP, rebuilding
those packages that were built with -5. Any other step looks like lost
ground that will eventually have to be covered, so why not do it now?

If there are no reasonable objections I will upload a fixed version by the
end of the day.

Waiting is,

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