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Re: Intent to package

"Mark W. Eichin" wrote:
> > heyu: a program that works with the CM11A X10 controller (the "x10"
> Already done, back when heyu was first released, I think (it saved me
> from writing my own cm11a code :-)

8)  I hadn't noticed.  Sorry.  I'll check my version compared to yours
and let you know if I have any suggestions to make.  I suspect that
you're package already has everything mine does.

> >       x10-cm11: another program to control the CM11A X10 controller that
> > comes from the beowulf project.
> If it *also* handles the cp-290, perhaps I should patch the existing
> x10 patches with the changes to handle both?  If it is just a rewrite,
> though, go ahead and keep it separate.

I'm afraid although this version is based on the x10-amh program it
seems to have diverged greatly.  They are not compatible as far as I can

The cp-290 and cm11a seem to be quite different.  From what I can tell,
the cp290 is a programmable X10 controller.  The cm11a althought still
having limited capabilities in this fashion, is more of an X10 powerline
modem.  Essentially it was designed to be a 2-way portal to X10 signals
and no more.  It only works really well with a controlling program like
ActiveHome (or something like the perl scripts I'm working on. 8) ).

The x10-cm11a program was done for the Beowulf project.  I gather for
remote power cycling of various nodes.  But I could be mistaken.  Btw, I
called it x10-cm11a, as the author only calls it "x10" but that was
already taken.  8)


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