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Re: Intent to package

> heyu: a program that works with the CM11A X10 controller (the "x10"

Already done, back when heyu was first released, I think (it saved me
from writing my own cm11a code :-)

Package: heyu
Status: install ok installed
Installed-Size: 54
Maintainer: Troy Hanson <troy@debian.org>
Version: 1.19-7
Depends: libc6
Recommends: xtend
 /etc/x10.config 00e6f4fbaca09be5eb29e724cc606fbc
Description: 2-way x10 communications for the CM11A x10 controller

>	x10-cm11: another program to control the CM11A X10 controller that
> comes from the beowulf project.

If it *also* handles the cp-290, perhaps I should patch the existing
x10 patches with the changes to handle both?  If it is just a rewrite,
though, go ahead and keep it separate.

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