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Re: X Installation

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, David J Thompson wrote:

> I'm not sure if my fix (accutually my brother's fix) really counts.  What
> we determined is that slink X will work if you have the X from hamm in
> installed prior to the installation of slink X.  It seems that there are
> multiple files missing, such as some that xf86setup uses (sorry, it was
> a while ago and I don't really remember which ones) which are provided by
> hamm X.  Also, the /etc/Xserver file still doesn't have the Xserver location
> set correctly when a server is installed.
Yeah, he broke the source into a few more packages (like xdm & xf86setup).

> Aditionally, Window Maker doesn't work because it can't find fonts.
Yeah, we're having that problem on the alpha.  Have you found a
							- Tom

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