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Re: Secure Linux kernel package?

On Thu, Nov 12, 1998 at 07:22:29AM +0200, Amos Shapira wrote:

> It is claimed to increase system security mainly by making the stack
> unexecutable

A patch which /breaks/ some software, and with the allowances so it does
not break more software its possible to work around, making it for the
most part pointless, (This is only the impression I have gotten from
reading the debates and the reasons Linus has given for refusing to
accept the patch)

> and limiting links in sticky directories (designed to make /tmp
> exploits harder).

Questionable, Linus has also refused this patch as well..
And setting TMPDIR to something like ~user/tmp or /tmp/user where only
that user can read and write to the directory happily squashes a good
number of the tmp exploits..

> --Amos

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