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Re: Cluster Administration

Previously Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> Currently, Debian package management is sufficient for a single workstation, 
> but insufficient for a cluster. This problem has to be addresses sooner or 
> later, if you want to run Debian on a workstation cluster.

Indeed. This is not limited to clusters, the same problems occur with
labrooms. There are a couple of methods to solve this. The most
popular at the moment is probably using rdist or rsync to keep the
workstation in sync with a central repository. I used that succesfully for
about 30 machines, using a perl-script that only runs rdist on outdated
trees (rdist is reaaalll slow in comparing).

After this week I intend to focus more on the configuration-management
we were talking about a while ago, which can really help in managing

> Maybe the Debian UltraLinux developers could try to find a solution for this 
> problem, in the time they are waiting for Sparc64 support for egcs (this is a 
> multiplatform problem and can be addressed on intel machines).

We are currently beginning to true autobuilding packages so we can see which
packages need special tweeks for sparc64. We can do that with the 32-bit
compiler as well.

I think we need to setup a debian-cluster or debian-largesite list to
address these issues. Debian-devel traffic is already high enough.


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