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Intent to package chrony

If no one objects, I intend to upload a chrony package in the next few
weeks.  The author is Richard P. Curnow <richard@curnow.demon.co.uk>.
chrony is free software with a license written by the author.

>From the README:

What is chrony?
Chrony is a pair of programs for maintaining the accuracy of computer

chronyd is a (background) daemon program that can be started at boot
time.  This does most of the work.

chronyc is a command-line interface program which can be used to
monitor chronyd's performance and to change various operating
parateters whilst it is running.

chronyd's main function is to obtain measurements of the true (UTC)
time from one of several sources, and correct the system clock
accordingly.  It also works out the rate at which the system clock
gains or loses time and uses this information to keep it accurate
between measurements from the reference.

The reference time can be derived from either NTP servers (preferred),
or wristwatch-and-keyboard (via chronyc).

It is designed so that it can work on computers which only have
intermittent access to reference sources, for example computers which
use a dial-up account to access the Internet.  Of course, it will work
on computers with permanent connections too.

In addition, the Linux 2.0.x version (for x >= 32) can monitor the
system's real time clock performance, so the system can maintain
accurate time even across reboots.

Typical accuracies available between 2 machines are

On an ethernet LAN : 100-200 microseconds, often much better
On a V32bis dial-up modem connection : 10's of milliseconds (from one
session to the next)

chronyd can also operate as an RFC1305-compatible NTP server and peer.
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