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Re: Uploaded dpkg-multicd 0.10 (source all) to master

Federico Di Gregorio <fog@pcamb6.irfmn.mnegri.it> writes:

> Hi,
>     just a question: does dpkg-multicd work like the old dselect
> mountable method, i.e., selects and then dpkg -IGROEB on every
> CD or does it access only the required .debs (à la APT)? 
> Ciao,
> Federico

Just a minor nit - the mountable method hasn't done that for a while,
at least.  The debian-cd method, however, did do the dpkg -iGROEB
(Gröb souns like it should be a German word, doesn't it?) thing.
However, before I switched to apt I was using the mountable method and 
had gotten away from the -iGROEB.

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