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Re: Proposal: debian-us

On Thu, Nov 05, 1998 at 03:28:03PM -0500, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:
> I supose this is a good thing for the people in the US...if it could
> be reliably set up then fine...but I for one don't like the idea of
> taking on the responsibility of saying that I can verify people
> are inside the US...
> Personally I am In the US...and I prefer to get such things from non-US 
> servers and would sooner export such things myeslf then put them on a US
> Only server....but thats just me. If I could I would just move to a
> free country.

I am not suggesting so much that it carry the same things nonus does -
although that has its own value.  What I am suggesting is for things
like MIT Kerberos 5.  Or for CMU'ized versions of things - I don't know
if the version of zephyr that was exported has kerberos at all, and
we've added a bit more to it.


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