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Re: Proposal: debian-us

On Thu, Nov 05, 1998 at 01:52:01PM -0500, Mark W. Eichin wrote:
> I'd certainly like to see it; I debianized both Cygnus CNS (krb4) and
> Kerbnet (krb5) back when Cygnus was still in that business, but there
> was never a useful way to distribute it (we eventually put some stuff
> up on cryptography.net, but that wasn't what I'd call convenient...)
> Note that the clever bit would be to make debian-us "official" enough
> that stuff in there goes in the bug-tracking-system too... and all the
> other "infrastructure" benefits of debian packaging...

I supose this is a good thing for the people in the US...if it could
be reliably set up then fine...but I for one don't like the idea of
taking on the responsibility of saying that I can verify people
are inside the US...

Personally I am In the US...and I prefer to get such things from non-US 
servers and would sooner export such things myeslf then put them on a US
Only server....but thats just me. If I could I would just move to a
free country.


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