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Re: PostgreSQL 6.4

Craig Sanders wrote:
  >how about two new packages:
  > "libpgsql6.4" for the new postgres library, and "libpgsql6.3" for the
  > old. 
  >libpgsql6.3 should have a "Provides: libpgsql" (as well as Conflicts:
  >and Replaces:). this should ensure a smooth upgrade (at least as far as
  >the libraries are concerned).

I'm checking upstream to see whether the two versions can co-exist.

  >BTW, is the 6.4 file format compatible with 6.3? or will we have to dump
  >and restore our databases again?

A dump-and-restore is required.

If this is a problem, it may be possible to get round it by fixing the
template1 tables by hand; that's not something I'm going to attempt,

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