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Re: PostgreSQL 6.4

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Oliver Elphick wrote:

>   >BTW, is the 6.4 file format compatible with 6.3? or will we have to dump
>   >and restore our databases again?
> A dump-and-restore is required.
> If this is a problem, it may be possible to get round it by fixing the
> template1 tables by hand; that's not something I'm going to attempt,
> however!

i read in the postgresql 6.4 announcement yesterday that it includes a new
program called pg_upgrade.

    PostgreSQL 6.4               Mon Oct 26 11:40:42 EST 1998

    A dump/restore is required for those wishing to migrate data
    from previous releases of PostgreSQL.  You may also use the new
    pg_upgrade utility to avoid a dump/reload.

have you tried this?  is it safe to use for an automated upgrade?

BTW, i have some non-critical postgresql servers if you need a guinea-pig


craig sanders

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