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Re: PostgreSQL 6.4

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> "Jules Bean" wrote:
> > New major number?
> >
> > Why not release an oldlibs package, instead of conflicting?  Or will
> > the old lib not work with the new server?
> I think it will not; the only benefit of an oldlibs package would be
> for remote communication with an older server.  However, that might be
> sufficient reason - I'll look into it.

how about two new packages:

 "libpgsql6.4" for the new postgres library, and "libpgsql6.3" for the
libpgsql6.3 should have a "Provides: libpgsql" (as well as Conflicts:
and Replaces:). this should ensure a smooth upgrade (at least as far as
the libraries are concerned).

BTW, is the 6.4 file format compatible with 6.3? or will we have to dump
and restore our databases again?


craig sanders

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