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unstable should not be broken by freeze!

Dear all,

It happened with hamm, now it has happened with slink.

i386 and m68k has "frozen" slink, and that is good: I will of course run
the i386 distribution and report bugs that I find.

However, it is *very* unfortunate for the alpha port that the entire alpha
UNSTABLE distribution is removed as a side effect!

Could this please be fixed so we don't loose just those days where we are
most frantically trying to catch up ?

	Kristoffer [just back and ready to compile :]
Kristoffer Høgsbro Rose, phd, prof.associé  <http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~krisrose>
addr: LIP, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 46 Allée d'Italie, F-69364 Lyon 7
phone: +33(0)4 7272 8642, fax +33(0)4 7272 8080  <Kristoffer.Rose@ENS-Lyon.FR>
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