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Frozen (Slink) Upload Guidelines

Now that Slink has been frozen, here is the basic guideline for uploading
to "frozen"...


This is a difficult thing to quantify, so let's look at it this way:

 - critical, grave, and important bug fixes are always allowed for
   those packages that must exist in the final release.

 - critical, grave, and important bug fixes are only allowed for
   non-necessary packages if they don't add any new features.

 - normal bug fixes are allowed (though discouraged) on all packages
   iff there are no new features.

 - wishlist fixes are not allowed (they are, after all, not really bugs)

Remember, there is statistically a 15% chance that every bug fix will
introduce a new bug.  There is often little correlation between the
severity of the original bug and the severity of the introduced bug.

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