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Re: Slink is frozen

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Drake Diedrich wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 02, 1998 at 10:10:20AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > distribution of Debian GNU/Linux is labled "potato". 
>    Isn't there an `e'?

LOL.  Since you aren't from america, I'll assume you don't know the joke.
Several years back, we had a vice-president become the laughing stock of
the country because he told some kid they were wrong and that potato ended
with an e.  This was at a spelling bee, and the card they gave the vp had
the incorrect spelling, so I feel bad for the guy.  However, it's been a
never ending joke in the states.  I can see the developers having some fun
with this release now.

This freeze seemed to hit pretty silently, and I never did hear what held
it up.  It was uncharacteristic for us, but maybe that will be the norm
now that we are releasing more often.  Anyway, good job guys, now it's
time for the testing group to get busy.


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