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Re: cc'ing (was Re: Mozilla goes GTK+ instead of Qt)

Previously Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Complete seperation of accounts from one another.  PMMail handles each
> account completely seperate.  Filters, signatures, folders, individual
> settings.  The only thing which isn't seperate is the spell checking and the
> address book.  I'd prefer the address book to be seperate as well.

You can do that in mutt as well using folder-hooks. I use 3 different
signature and 2 email addresses depending on the folder I'm in. I can
do the same for address book and _all_ other settings as well.

>     Now, the last time I checked mutt it did not do internal filtering.  It
> did allow for multiple pop/imap retrieves into seperate folders.  However, if
> one wanted any filtering one had to resort to fetchmail and
> procmail/exim/filter.

Welcome to the UNIX-way of doing things: seperate the mailreader from the
deliverer in this case. Yes, that does mean you need two configure an
extra program, but it will give you much more power such as automatic
actions on messages while you're not online.

> It also looked like any of the advanced features required rc tweaking instead
> of having the ability to do it on the fly internally.

Very true. Personally I like it that way, but I'm sure lots of other people
would like to do this from within the program. I usually find that an
interface to configuring something this powerful/complex either makes the
interface very counter-intuitive or very only exposes a very limited set
of the options.


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