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Re: developer status again

Mitch Blevins <mitch_blevins@mindspring.com> writes:

>  I agree about having clearer guidelines about how to submit
>  applications.  I sent jpg attachments of identification papers in
>  my email.  I am not sure it I should have or not (~700K).  I heard
>  an earlier respondant mentioning his telephone charges.

No, I was complaining because Bo repeatedly sent large *duplicates*.
I have no problem with large files being sent to
new-maintainer@debian.org as long as they're not pointless repeats.

>  Who knows?  I don't.  I would have felt better if I could have at
>  least received a reply just to tell me that the email had been
>  received.

We can't trivial determine first-time "I want to sign up" emails, and
I certainly don't want new-maintainer@debian.org to send out
auto-responses for every mail it receives.

>  BTW - Did you get it?



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