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Re: developer status again

<19981030092332.B16673@gis.net>; from Stephen J. Carpenter on Fri, Oct
30, 1998 at 09:23:32AM -0500

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 09:23:32AM -0500, Stephen J. Carpenter wrote:
> The point is that ocasionally things get backed up. Noone outside of
> the people who do the new-maintainer aprovals have any idea what they
> are up to and ho wmuch work they have to do (for those and whatever
> other work they have)

I understand this, as such I even proposed a possible way to add more
people to the team to try and reduce the work load..
> It seems when doing this sort of work, everyone thinks they are the
> most important person, and have no idea who else is waiting longer
> than they are!

All the more reason to try and open up the process..
> I don't mean to accuse anyone...it really is understandable and seems
> to be a natural human reaction. We don't like to wait for things.
> However working on the other end of that stick for a while, I see
> allot of people do it (and I do it myself sometimes)

I understand how this goes, however if the backlog is really as long as
I've been hearing perhaps its time to rethink things?
> I think the PHB from Dilbert got it right "Well when comming up with
> this time schedual I just figured that any task which I don't
> understand must be easy to do: Develop a corperate worldwide
> information infrastructure - time 1 week ..."

*winces* Perhaps it would help to list what all has to be done for one
new maintainer application to be processed along with the instructions
on how to submit said applications, it can help at times to know how
much work really has to be done.. (=:]
> I guess in short, life goes on :) you don't have plans to join and
> then immediatly leave the project?

No comment *ducks* (=:]

> so a few weeks really isn't too bad hell...ive been waiting nearly 2
> months trying to get my bank to finnaly send me an ATM card...

> Believe me, id rather wait 2 months to be aproved as a maintainer than
> have no ATM card for 2 months (Direct Deposit..so my paycheck goes
> directly into my account, and the bank closes before I get out of
> work!)

*winces again*

Ouch, and another bank is not really a option?

Sorry if I have upped the work load more then needed..

Zephaniah E, Hull..
(Who is getting some sleep soon)
> -Steve
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