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Re: developer status again

warp@whitestar.soark.net wrote:
> [snip]
> *winces* Perhaps it would help to list what all has to be done for one
> new maintainer application to be processed along with the instructions
> on how to submit said applications, it can help at times to know how
> much work really has to be done.. (=:]
> [snip]

 I agree about having clearer guidelines about how to submit applications.
 I sent jpg attachments of identification papers in my email.  I am not
 sure it I should have or not (~700K).  I heard an earlier respondant
 mentioning his telephone charges.  Maybe I should have just sent the
 application with no attachments and provided a place for the jpgs to be

 Who knows?  I don't.  I would have felt better if I could have at least
 received a reply just to tell me that the email had been received.  Even
 an autoresponder would be nice.
 now I'm wondering if it didn't get caught in a spam filter or something.
 I certainly don't want to spam the devel list with questions of:
 "Did you get it?  Did you get it?".  And I don't want to re-send my
 application and furthur bog down an already slow process.


 BTW - Did you get it?

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