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Re: recursive finds, kernels, and laptops

>>>>> "Neale" == Neale Pickett <neale@lanl.gov> writes:

Neale> Doing recursive finds is a real killer for a device that runs
Neale> on a battery, since exercising the hard drive for such a long
Neale> period of time can significantly decrease the life expectancy
Neale> of the battery.

That's not the only concern: we laptop users often don't let the
laptop on during the night, which means that nightly crontabs will
execute when we resume the system (that means when we're willing to

Each morning, when I resume my Linux, I have a system that is hardly
usable for 20 minutes, because of the multiple crontabs that reap /tmp 
old files, that do an updatedb, etc.

Neale> Non-essential cron jobs, etc., could use this version.

They could also be scheduled once a week or something like that
instead of once a day, except if the laptop is on at the
*right* time (i.e. if you will start a time and CPU consuming crontab
and notice that you should have started hours ago, only start if it
has not been run for 1 week or so).

Samuel Tardieu -- sam@debian.org

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