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Re: recursive finds, kernels, and laptops

> > An even nicer solution would be to install anacron (cron is a poor choice
> > for a laptop since it's not usualy on 27/7), and modify /etc/cron.d/anacron
> > so that it doesn't run anacron if the laptop isn't on wall power. The effect
> > is that, anacron takes over all the cron jobs that debian normally installs,
> > and it will wake up once a day at some time and run them. But if the
> > laptop's not plugged in, it won't run at all. The jobs will be put off until
> > the next anacron run when your laptop's plugged in.
> Maybe all these type of crom/anacron jobs should check for apm then check
> for wall power.  No apm then run, apm and wall power then run.  Desktops
> will always show wall power.  Then there's no need for separate laptop
> versions of packages.

I agree. There is no need to rewrite all the packages. Lets simply
add the apm/plug checks to the 10/15 packages that install heavy-load
cron scripts. (A bug report with the patches is enough IMHO.)


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