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Re: splitting packages - Huston, we have a problem. (fwd)

----- Forwarded message from Ian Jackson -----

> In article <19981025173105.H27747@debian.org>,
> Joseph Carter  <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote:
> ...
> >However, there is currently no way to know what package something came from=
> >!=20
> >I just found out the only problem a friend had with X was that he was using
> >apt and didn't realize the package had split and so when he did apt-get
> >upgrade it only upgraded part of his X configuration.  He was also hit by
> >the netstd/telnet split.
> >
> >We need some kind of line in control that apt/dselect understand to tell
> >them that the packages just split.  dpkg probably doesn't need to know/care
> >about it.
> This is one intended purpose of Replaces.  Surely the new packages
> declare Replaces on the old ones ?  It's definitely on the wishlist
> for dselect to automatically select package A if a new version of it
> or new package of it appears which Replaces an existing and installed
> B.

nfs server, telnet, telnetd, various X11R6/bin files, maybe even find -
though that might be my overly aggressive cleanup of libc5 files.

Isn't it problematic that packages remove programs they do not replace?

Other than xsetroot, loss of each of those programs took down some 
networked operations and in a couple of instances required drives just
to type `apt-get install telnet telnetd'.



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