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libc6_2.0.7u-4.deb safe on hamm?

I had a hamm system with a _few_ selected slink packages.
I installed the new netscape navigator debs from slink using 
`apt-get install' and see that the following were also installed:


Since no dependencies were broken, can I assume my system is safe?

Has my compiling environment changed?  If I build packages, will they 
install and work correctly on a pure hamm system?

Should I backtrack out of this setup?

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Peter Galbraith, research scientist          <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca>
Maurice Lamontagne Institute, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
P.O. Box 1000, Mont-Joli Qc, G5H 3Z4 Canada. 418-775-0852 FAX: 775-0546

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