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Re: Release-critical Bug List for October 29

(Note that I am the one who submitted 26827)
On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 10:34:04AM +0100, mummert&partner_meskesm@WestLB.de wrote:
> >Package: secure-su
> >Maintainer: Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>
> >  26827  secure-su breaks findutils (And who knows what else)
> I think we already agreed that this bug can be downgraded so it is not
> release critical anymore.

This basicly comes down to a policy issue I'm not the one to judge,
however we seem to have come to a consensus on debian-devel, packages
should not use gnuisms with su...

As such I'm downgrading the severity of this down to normal, and it may
belong in wishlist..

Zephaniah E, Hull..

> Michael
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>       Mummert+Partner Unternehmensberatung AG
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