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Intent to orphan; potential intent to package

I intend, after I get all the bugs out I can, and make certain the one 
in slink is as good as I can get it, to orphan fvwm95.

There no longer is any upstream maintainer - the author lost interest
some time ago.  Some people on the fvwm95 list have thrown around the
idea that there should be a new maintainer, but no one has yet stepped 
forward, and it's been well over a year.

Now, to keep my packaging count constant, I'd like to package a window 
manager some people on the fvwm95 list are recommending - qvwm.  It's
a '95 look alike that is in active development, and it looks quite
nice overall. ("q" stands for "kyu", Japanese for 9, and "v" stands
for 5).  It has been reported to be a bit less stable than fvwm95, but
one could also view that as better win95 simulation. :)

The problem is that it's already packaged by the debian-jp folks.  I'd
like to see it packaged for the main version of Debian.  Now, I know
that some debian-jp packages eventually wind their way over here, so
I'm worried about stepping on someone's toes if I just go ahead and
package it myself.  So how do debian-jp packages wind up over here,
and who do I talk to?

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