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Re: Intent to orphan; potential intent to package

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Daniel Martin wrote:

> Now, to keep my packaging count constant, I'd like to package a window 
> manager some people on the fvwm95 list are recommending - qvwm.  It's
> a '95 look alike that is in active development, and it looks quite
> nice overall. ("q" stands for "kyu", Japanese for 9, and "v" stands
> for 5).  It has been reported to be a bit less stable than fvwm95, but
> one could also view that as better win95 simulation. :)
> The problem is that it's already packaged by the debian-jp folks.  I'd
> like to see it packaged for the main version of Debian.  Now, I know
> that some debian-jp packages eventually wind their way over here, so
> I'm worried about stepping on someone's toes if I just go ahead and
> package it myself.  So how do debian-jp packages wind up over here,
> and who do I talk to?

I intended to package qvwm, too, but then found out that it is alrady
packaged for debian-jp. The maintainer told me he was trying to become a
"mainstream" developer, too, and maintain it, so I suggest you talk to

(BTW, I have written a menu method for qvwm and sent it to the maintainer,
but I don't know if he has already included it. I can send it to you if
you're interested.)


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