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Re: GCC on a Pentium running Win95

Quoting Martin Bialasinski (martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de):
> >> "BG" == Bill Geddes <geddes@col.hp.com> writes:
> BG> system - now that I've discoverd "apt".  But I have to cheat and go get
> BG> apt after I have a minimal working system because it couldn't be put into
> BG> the stable distribution - a mistake since leading people (especially new
> BG> folks) into using 'dselect' is just not a way to say "Welcome to the world
> BG> of Debian/GNU Linux".
> The policy is to leave a stable distribution alone. Only security
> related bugfixes find their way into stable. It is suppose to be a
> distribution of packages which have proven to be "good". Introducing new
> versions or new packages has the possibility of introduction of
> bugs. There has been more then one new version of apt since stable was 
> released. It was quite buggy at the beginning.

But it would be nice if there was a version of apt compiled against
hamm -- the one in slink doesn't work with hamm since the libstdc++
change. :( 

Mike Stone

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