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Re: GCC on a Pentium running Win95

>> "BG" == Bill Geddes <geddes@col.hp.com> writes:

BG> system - now that I've discoverd "apt".  But I have to cheat and go get apt
BG> after I have a minimal working system because it couldn't be put into
BG> the stable distribution - a mistake since leading people (especially new
BG> folks) into using 'dselect' is just not a way to say "Welcome to the world
BG> of Debian/GNU Linux".

The policy is to leave a stable distribution alone. Only security
related bugfixes find their way into stable. It is suppose to be a
distribution of packages which have proven to be "good". Introducing new
versions or new packages has the possibility of introduction of
bugs. There has been more then one new version of apt since stable was 
released. It was quite buggy at the beginning.

BG> 1. Website - It is organized by and for experienced developers.
BG> Change it to serve the majority of the population which does not
BG> yet, but wants to use debian.  There's a lot of good information,
BG> but it's scattered all over.  Make it task-oriented.

The wwwteam will be quite happy about your helping hand. Subscribe to
the debian-www mailinglist and talk to them about your ideas and how
you could help.


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