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Re: Linuxconf alternative??

Matt writes (on debian private, moved here because it is of general interest):

> [...] I think that another thing I would want would be an extension to
> dselect that would allow you to manage packages on machines accross a
> network from one place.  If I have three machines identically configured,
> I would want to upgrade them at once.

A "cluster-aware" dselect/apt would be a huge win for Debian and I'd like
to contribute since I have to deal with the problem frequently...  Two
specific issues are of particular importance and, IMHO, also now matured
enough that we can tackle them:

1. Sharing /usr/share (or just parts of it) among several machines without
breaking dselect. 

This make really big packages possible like the 500Mb TeX installation I
like to keep around.

2. Permitting several architectures in the same cluster (so you can recycle
all those Sparcstations that can't really run Solaris/CDE any more because
they "only" have 48M of RAM :)

Using one of the toolkits that support both console and X use would make
the tool more useful, of course.

Ideas, anyone?


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