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Re: xdm package

>> I am currently working on the kdebase package which includes the kdm (KDE
>> version of xdm).  Should I create a kdm package that does what the xdm package
>> does?  Or should I just force users who want the kdm functionality to install
>> xdm as well as kdebase?
>FWIW, kdm and login.app do NOT do what xdm does.  The current xdm package
>has a mechanism for disabling itself locally, but it's not compatible with
>other packages which provide their own local equivalent of xdm.

How does xdm differ from kdm in functional terms?  They both provide an X login
prompt and then run an appropriate window manager...
The xdm package has a lot of stuff that is useful to KDE users (config files)
as well as the xdm program they probably won't want to use.  Also there doesn't
seem to be a good way of disabling xdm when the package is installed.

>You should coordinate such an effort to change that with Branden.  BTW, I

OK.  I've CC'd this message to him.  Hopefully he can explain to me what the
plans are for these things.

>thought Stephan Kulow did did the KDE stuff...?

Coolo is doing other things at the moment.  I've got KDE CVS access and I've
just been fixing bugs as I find them.  I am currently arranging a suitable FTP
server for KDE Debian packages which I hope to have working this week.

PS  Can I use the Debian bug tracking system for KDE packages stored on my FTP

I'll be in Denver from 30 Oct 1998 to 7 Nov 1998 (or maybe a few days longer).
I'll be in London from ~9 Nov 1998.  I'd like to meet any Linux users or
users groups in these places at these times.
I plan to work in London for 3 - 6 months...

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