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Re: snmpd

On 21 Oct 1998 08:57:33 -0400, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

>He has begun debianizing ucd, but it obviously won't make it for
>slink.  Depending on our time commitments, I suspect one or the other
>of us (I've got a copy of his initial stab at ucd---I was hoping to
>get it done for slink, but ran out of time) will get something out
>before too long (I'd guess end of November at the latest).

    Great.  I'd like to try it out.  I don't use any one "Version."  I
started with a Hamm (frozen) system and then immediately started getting
stable packages.  When it comes to applications I dislike being behind on
versions or not knowing what the news ones are that have recently been
debianized.  I tend to leave my core system alone until something forces an
upgrade through dependancies.  Anyway, point of that ramble was that whenever
it gets out I'll be hopping on it, unstable or not.  ;)

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