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Sendmail (was: Re: huge lists)

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:57:15 -0400, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

>Note: I used to get mail directly to my Debian box, but now I'm forced to
>get it from an NT server because Debian 1.3's sendmail allowed mail
>relaying by default and I was not aware of the potential for abuse; too bad
>I wasn't using RedHat!  As far as I know, Debian's default sendmail
>configuration still allows this big hole, so beware if you use it.

    Sendmail, IMHO, is a POS because of the antiquated rules and the constant
fighting to make it do what you want.  Personally, I highly recommend Exim. 
I can't vouch for any large sites using it, but my Exim on my dinky 28.8k
modem has done the following traffic in the past 10 days:

Exim statistics from 1998-10-11 06:49:54 to 1998-10-21 08:16:04

Grand total summary
                                                       At least one address
  TOTAL               Volume    Messages    Hosts      Delayed       Failed
  Received            9613KB        3256       83      34  1.0%      2  0.1%
  Delivered             15MB        5449      102

    I run two *small* mailing lists with majordomo on this machine and
haven't had any problems at all with relaying.  Took me about 20 minutes with
minimal help from the exim mailing list to get it set up.  That help was
because I didn't understand CIDR.  It has, shock of shock, an intuative
configuration format.  I only wish I could convince my boss to run it where I
work instead of going to the bigger hack of Sendmail 8.10.x.  :/

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