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huge lists

We have some lists that are absolutely unmanageable for most
users, like debian-{user,devel}. Digests don't solve it 100%;
reading on the web (in the archives) is a PITA because when I
request a month of debian-devel I get a several-hundred-K,
hardly usable index.

One possible sollution would be to split the archives of these
lists by week and not month - I like this idea.

Another possibility would be a more complex read-it-on-the-web
system like eGroups - check http://www.egroups.com/list/ox-spec/
for a small list, or http://www.egroups.com/list/mhonarc/ for a
big-traffic one.

Please don't answer this with technical issues... let's use
debian-devel only to discuss if this is a Good Thing and we want
it. If we do, those interested move to debian-www (I think, but
maybe somewhere else) and discuss the technical part (even the
question of whether it can be done).

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